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About Us

Already kids ask the right questions.
Why? and How? are crucial if you want to develop and grow. In every aspect of our business or personal life, there is a significant space for being better. Since 2015, we fill this space with our mission and passion — improving productivity through software solutions.

However, it is not a one-time trick.
What usually starts with eliminating monkey business in your offices, assembly lines or warehouses, results in a long-term partnership which both your company and we benefit from.

When it comes to dealing with data, running a business requires repetitive actions. Software can surely help. Nonetheless, we do not develop customized IT solutions to replace staff — we just believe people should focus on ideas that no software can create.

For our base, we have chosen the second biggest city of Slovakia — Košice, which has become the hive of technology innovators concentrated around renowned universities. In Emprover, we connect talented developers, passionate technology designers, and innovation lovers.
If you want to please us, tell us what your issue is.

Michal Ennert, CEO